Acid Storage Cabinets

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Acid Storage Cabinets

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Acid Storage Cabinets:

  • RLS Acid Storage Cabinets is specifically designed for close storage to the Fume Extraction Cabinet.
  • The Acid Storage Cabinets are self-standing units and can easily be picked up and relocated to alternative required positions.
  • The unit is constructed from acid resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic and it can be connected to the Fume Extraction Cabinet extraction if required.

This Unit Offers:

  • Compact Workstation
  • Portability
  • Integral spill lip
  • Single unit has 1 Adjustable shelf (more shelves can be requested optional)
  • Double unit has 1 x Adjustable shelf per section (more shelves can be requested optional)


  • Easy to clean
  • Full and easy access to internals
  • 1 Piece – no joints or gaps in construction
  • If not connected to FEC extraction, it can be easily be moved to alternate location

Blue polyethylene acid storage cabinet is designed to fit inside an Acid/Corrosive Safety Cabinet or to be used as a countertop cabinet. The one-piece body is constructed of high-density (.187″ thick) polyethylene allowing the cabinet to safely store acids and corrosives near your work area (including nitric and sulfuric acids). Double-wall recessed doors help to control vapors. Labels read, “ACIDS/CORROSIVES” and display the international symbol for Corrosive Material.

Used for venting the Protector Acid Storage Cabinet through the Spill Stopper Work Surface and into the fume hood. Includes one plastic vent tube assembly complete with 2″ diameter threaded connection locknut, flexible tubing and vent extension

Acid Storage Cabinets

Acid Storage Cabinets Single Unit, Acid Storage Cabinets Double Unit


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