Analytical Balance NBL

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Analytical Balance NBL

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Analytical Balance NBL – Capacity: 80g  to 250g Readability : 0.0001g for many laboratory applications. a balance with a high level of precision is essential for weighing Samples. Adam Equipment analytical balances provides readabilities to 0.1mg and can perform task such as formulation , density determination, purity analytical balances feature a compact footprint, so they occupy minimal space on crowded lab workbenches.

  • Backlit LCD display
    • Colour coded keys
    • Level indicator with adjustable leveling feet
    • Removable draft shield supplied on 0.001g readabilities
    • Robust metal housing
    • Sealed keypad
    • External calibration

Analytical balance NBL is a balance that is mainly used in the analytical labs to measure chemicals or samples of smaller mass mostly the measurements are in sub-milligrams. It is designed with a measuring pan that is inside transparent enclosure with a door or lid that prevent dust to affect the analytical balance’ operation or to prevent any air current that might be in the room to have an effect on the readings of the analytical balance.

Draft shield is the transparent enclosure with lid often used in analytical balances. The use of a mechanically vented balance safety enclosure (Draft shield in analytical balances), which has uniquely designed acrylic airfoils that allows a smooth turbulence-free airflow that prevents balance fluctuation and the measure of mass down to 1 μg without fluctuations or loss of product. Another factor that might cause fluctuation of the mass of the product that is being weight is the storage temperature of the sample that will be weighed. Which clearly indicate/ suggest that the sample/ chemical must be stored at room temperature and, or must be at room temperature when is weighed to prevent natural convection from forming air current inside the enclosure from causing an error in reading.

Analytical balances are essential for weighing samples mainly in the lab, and they can provide readabilities up to 0.0001g. Hence, they play important role performing tasks such as formulation, density determination, purity analysis and conformance testing in the lab. They are suitable for all types and sizes of laboratories. They occupy a minimal space on crowded workbenches because of the compact footprint that they have. They have the single pan mechanical substitution balance that maintain consistent response throughout the useful capacity, minimizing some of the factors that might affect the reading on the analytical balance. They have a capacity up to 310g.

Analytical Balance Range

Analytical Balance 80g x 0.0001g, Analytical Balance 120g x 0.0001g, Analytical Balance 160g x 0.0001g, Analytical Balance 210g x 0.0001g, Analytical Balance 250g x 0.0001g, Analytical Balance 220g x 0.001g, Analytical Balance 420g x 0.001g, Analytical Balance 620g x 0.001g, Analytical Balance 820g x 0.001g, Analytical Balance 1600g x 0.01g, Analytical Balance 2600g x 0.01g, Analytical Balance 3600g x 0.01g, Analytical Balance 4600g x 0.01g, Analytical Balance 8.2kg x 0.1g, Analytical Balance 12kg x 0.1g


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