Bench Top Scales

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Bench Top Weighing Scales

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LBK Series

A sealed keypad, ABS plastic housing and large stainless steel pan are easy to clean, making the LBK ideal for measuring, portioning, or weighing samples during food preparation. LBK is well-suited for weighing blood bags in medical facilities, and veterinarians can use the LBK to weigh small animals and measure compounds for treatments.

CBK Series

The CBK range of scales performs multiple tasks on the job, saving money that might have been spent on purchasing multiple machines. This versatile scale can be used for parts counting in small manufacturing companies, at veterinary office to weigh small animals, or for grading fruit. Checkweighing is simplified with LED limit indicators, while built-in memory stores limits for up to 10 samples


LBK Weighing Scales (LBK3) 3000g x 0.5g, LBK Weighing Scales (LBK6) 6000g x 1g, LBK Weighing Scales (LBK12) 12kg x 2g, LBK Weighing Scales (LBK30) 30kg x 5g, Bench Check Weighing Scales (CBK 4) 4000g X 0.1g, Bench Check Weighing Scales (CBK 8) 8000g x 0.2g, Bench Check Weighing Scales (CBK 16) 16kg x 0.5g, Bench Check Weighing Scales (CBK 32) 30kg X 1g


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