Bench Top PH Meter

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Bench Top & Portable pH Meter

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Bench Top PH Meter – This meter retains simplicity with both dedicated keys for routine operation and virtual keys that guide the user through setup options.


  • 1 to 3 points push-button calibration with auto-buffer recognition.
  • Selectable pH buffer group, including the USA and NIST options.
  • Automatic electrode slope display helps user decide whether to replace sensor.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation provides accurate reading over the entire range
  • Auto-Hold feature senses and locks the measurement endpoint.
  • Manual temperature calibration corrects the temperature deviation.
  • Setup menu allows setting the 5 parameters, including the pH buffer group, number of calibration points, temperature unit, etc.
  • Reset feature automatically resumes all settings back to factory default options
  • A benchtop pH meter is used in many applications in waste water, drinking water, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical testing as an electronic instrument used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of liquid or semi-solid samples. 
  • They are usually consisting of the temperature electrode, measuring electrode, reference electrode, a meter. Due to the sensitivity of the measuring electrode towards the hydrogen ion (H+), it measures the pH value as the sample surrounds the glass bulb at the end.
  • There are variety of bench top pH meters that are available today, that are differentiated according to the combination of the measuring mode they use.
  • There several measuring modes that are used in the in the bench top pH meter including pH, mV, ion, and conductivity. When the concentration of the H+ ions in the sample is being subjected to small voltage, the pH units of the sample that has being subjected to the small voltage is displayed by the meter. 
  • The pH electrode is temperature dependent hence the temperature compensation becomes an important factor affecting the pH units of the sample. As the temperature of the sample changes, the millivolt (mV) output from the pH electrode will change in the correlation to the change in temperature of the sample.
  • The change in the millivolt (mV) output from the pH electrode is due to the result of direct change in the H+ ion activity of the sample and the ionization of the compounds. There are several pH meters that measure pH value ranging from pH -2.000 to 20.000. Depending on the pH range of the meter, some has three-point calibration, and others five-point calibration. 
  • They usually come with calibration buffers, example three-point calibration will come with buffer pH 4, pH7 and pH 5. Calibration is the important while using pH meters.
Bench Top / Portable

Bench Top PH Meter, Portable PH Meter

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