Lab Chemicals & Solutions

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Lab Solutions & Reagents

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Lab Chemicals & Solutions being manufactured in house by Reflecta Laboratory to customers specifications.

RLS Chemicals supply a variety of chemicals available in various grades, Analytical Reagent (AR), Chemically Pure (CP), Technical Grade as well as Pharmaceutical and Food Grades. Our Lab Solutions & Reagents are being manufactured and repack at our Johannesburg Chemical Warehouse. We pride ourselves with professionalism and quality service to deliver the highest quality Lab Solutions & Reagents. We Provide COA and MSDS’s with all chemicals on request. Our Webpage

Lab Chemicals & Solutions

Buffer Solution pH4 500ml, Buffer Solution pH7 500ml, Buffer Solution pH10 500ml, Conductivity Standard 84 uS/cm 500ml, Conductivity Standard 1413 uS/cm 500ml, Electrode Cleaning Solution 500ml, Electrode Storage Solution 500ml, Giemsa Stain 500ml, Hydrochloric Acid 0.10N 1000ml, Hydrochloric Acid 1N 1000ml, Methyl Orange indicator 500ml, Methyl Red indicator 500ml, Silver Nitrate 0.010N 2.5lt, Silver Nitrate 0.1N 2.5lt, Sodium Hydroxide 1.00N 1000ml, ACETATE BUFFER 1.9M, pH 4.2


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