Porcelain Crucible with lid

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Crucible with lid

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Porcelain Crucible with Lid

  • The modern porcelain crucible with lid is a highly heterogeneous, graphite-based composite material, which relies on its material composition and control of the graphite’s structural alignment to achieve the performance required.
  • Crucibles may be as small as teacups or may hold several tons of metalion
  • A vessel, which can resist very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass, and pigment production. 
  • The porcelain crucible is usually a cup-shaped container used in laboratories for heating purpose. The apparatus contains chemical compounds for heating at extremely high temperatures
  • The porcelain crucible is a laboratory material used mainly to heat, melt, burn, and burn substances. It is a small container which has a cavity responsible for melting and calcining. 
  • To melt and heat with the porcelain crucible gloves or tongs must be used to remove it from the flame
  • Crucible for basic laboratory use to heat chemical compounds
  • Tall or low form body with lid
  • Constructed of glazed porcelain for strength, thermal performance, and enhanced chemical resistance
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 1050°C (1900°F)


  • Max. Temperature (Metric) 1050°C
  • Capacity (Metric) 50 mL, 100ml
  • Height (Metric) 44 mm
  • Product Type Specs Crucible with lid
  • Diameter (Metric) Outer 51 mm
  • Material Porcelain

Types of crucibles

  • Crucibles – Porcelain
  • Platinum
  • PTFE
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Carbon Steel
  • Zirconium and
  • Vitreous Carbon


  • Used from ancient times as a container for melting or testing metals, crucibles.
  • Modern crucibles may be small laboratory utensils for conducting high-temperature chemical reactions. 
  • Analyses or large industrial vessels for melting and calcining


  • Crucible tong

A laboratory tool that is best fit with crucible tongs is a crucible, a small vessel made from ceramic. Its function is it is used to heat various type of chemicals that are required a very high temperature, usually solid chemicals. This tool is available in various size and form.



8ml, 15ml, 17ml, 30ml Low Form, 30ml Medium Form, 50ml Low Form, 50ml Medium Form, 100ml, 250ml

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