Bench Top Scales

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Bench Top Weighing Scales

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Bench scales are widely used scale in various industries for a broad range of applications. Predominantly bench scales are small enough to fit on most work stations including counters, and tables. They are specifically designed to be placed on a table or counter during weighing, even other possible workstation you can think of. Even though they have a small footprint yet still include a large weighing pan that can weigh variety of items. Bench scales make professional weighing available anywhere and can be used almost anywhere, from kitchens to veterinary offices, industrial settings or retail shops. They are affordable and easy-to-use, providing features and precision needed for a wide array of businesses, from small offices to large factories. They can be used in various settings and are available in many different platform sizes and housing styles that is suitable for your needs.

There are several types of bench top scales, including compact scales, precision scale, analytical scale, semi-micro balance, grain scales, coin counting scale, computing retail scale, and many other that you can be able to use them on the bench. They are differentiated by different features that they posses ranging from readability, pan size, capacity and many other features that makes them unique. Some of bench scales are specifically designed for one application (such as counting or check weighing), while others are multi-function, which allows a single scale to be used for several applications.

It is of great importance to make sure you check that the capacity and readability that suits your requirements, and that any features and functions that you may need are available on your chosen scale. There are several power-saving options to consider also on you knew scale to save battery life, some scales allow users to program the backlight to ‘on’, ‘off’ or ‘on only when weighing’.  Programmable or automatic power-off features mean the scale will shut off after a certain time elapses without it being used. There are other important features that you have to put in to consideration when buying bench top scale which includes Interfaces and connections. Because they can be placed on counters next to computers or printers, bench scales are easy to integrate into some systems. Some users prefer getting a scale that comes with an RS-232 and/or USB interface to connect to computers and print results


LBK Weighing Scales (LBK3) 3000g x 0.5g, LBK Weighing Scales (LBK6) 6000g x 1g, LBK Weighing Scales (LBK12) 12kg x 2g, LBK Weighing Scales (LBK30) 30kg x 5g, Bench Check Weighing Scales (CBK 4) 4000g X 0.1g, Bench Check Weighing Scales (CBK 8) 8000g x 0.2g, Bench Check Weighing Scales (CBK 16) 16kg x 0.5g, Bench Check Weighing Scales (CBK 32) 30kg X 1g


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