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Our new medical range

We Supply Quality Lab Equipment, Glassware & many more

Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals & Glassware Supplier in and around Johannesburg – We offer you the opportunity to trade with a reputable, innovative and rapidly growing business organization. At Reflecta Lab Supplies, we believe in close co-operation and a hands on approach. That’s because we strive for long-lasting and positive relationships.. read more


Beakers, Flasks, Schott Bottles, funnels and many more..

Laboratory equipmeny

Bench Top PH Meters, Refractometers and more..

Whatman filter papers

Quality filter paper available in a variety of grades..

moisture analyzer new


We offer a wide range of scales & balances..

Popular chemical products

Popular Glassware

we offer a vast range of laboratory equipment

grain scale new
R6,691.71 Incl VAT
Tartaric Acid
R7,262.75 Incl VAT
bunsen burner new RLS
R145.12 Incl VAT
conductivity meter new
R3,231.04R9,364.55 Incl VAT
Anti Vibration Table
R24,234.33 Incl VAT
platform scalewith indicator new
R20,796.04R24,955.26 Incl VAT
moisture analyzer new
R4,043.68R53,684.62 Incl VAT
microscope new RLS
R2,629.93R8,666.67 Incl VAT
pH Bench Top Meter
R3,007.74R11,345.04 Incl VAT
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