Glass Beakers

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Glass Beaker Low Form / Tall Form With Spout

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Glass Beakers by Reflecta Lab Supplies one of South Africa’s Leading supplier of Lab Glass Beakers.

  • Complies with DIN 12331 & ISO 3819
  • Made from Borosilicate 3.3 Glass
  • Large Labelling field for easy marking
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Clear Blue graduation for easy reading
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack

A glass beaker is a flat bottom cylinder shape container for holding liquids, mixing, storage and even transferring different solutions. Glass beaker can be referred as a multipurpose vessel that is mainly used in the laboratory to carry our chemical reaction, ,measure liquids, heating solutions or liquids on a Bunsen burner flame or collect the liquid in a titration experiment coming from the burette. Our beakers are made with strong 3.3 borosilicate glass, the walls are thick and uniform which makes it to thermally fit to able to withstand the harsh conditions of chemicals used within the laboratory and the high temperature. It possess clear big markings and labelling field that easy to read out. The mechanical stability is achieved with increased glass content strength and the reinforced rim increases the ability to reduce shock and breakage risk. Glass beaker is furnished with a spout mouth which is ideal to prevent any spillage when pouring solvents, it is also distinguished with straight like side unlike a flask which has sloping side.

Glass beaker normally comes in low or squat form and a tall form with different sizes:

Glass Beaker Low Form  Glass Beaker Tall Form
Beaker Glass low form 10ml (view certificate) Glass Tall form  spouted 100ml
Beaker Glass low form 25ml (view certificate) Glass Tall form  spouted 150ml
Beaker Glass low form 50ml (view certificate) Glass Tall form  spouted 250ml
Beaker Glass low form 100ml (view certificate) Glass Tall form  spouted 400ml
Beaker Glass low form 250ml (view certificate) Glass Tall form  spouted 600ml
Beaker Glass low form 400ml (view certificate)
Beaker Glass low form 600ml (view certificate)
Beaker Glass low form 1000ml (view certificate)
Beaker Glass low form 2000ml (view certificate)
Beaker Glass Low form 5000ml (view certificate)


Low/Tall Form:



Glass Beaker 10ml, Glass Beaker 25ml, Glass Beaker 50ml, Glass Beaker 100ml, Glass Beaker 150ml, Glass Beaker 250ml, Glass Beaker 400ml, Glass Beaker 500ml, Glass Beaker 600ml, Glass Beaker 1000ml, Glass Beaker 2000ml, Glass Beaker 3000ml, Glass Beaker 5000ml

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