Erlenmeyer Flask

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Glass Erlenmeyer Flask Narrow Neck / Wide Neck

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Erlenmeyer Flask Glass

  • Made from Boro 3.3 heat resistant glass
  • Complies with ISO 1773
  • Printed with Blue enamel
  • Has reinforced thick rim to reduce chipping and breakage

The flask is a conical flask or titration flask as it mainly used for titration purposes, it has a flat bottom flask, a cylindrical neck and a conical body shape. The name originates from a chemist by the name of Emil Erlenmeyer who invented it in the 1860’s.

The flask can be used to hold liquids, measure liquids, mix, heat and boil chemicals. The Erlenmeyer flask has a good advantage in accuracy comparing to a glass beaker because of its tapered sides. The suitable size of the Erlenmeyer flask should be chosen to allow for more liquid to be added during titration process in order to make calculations simple rather than subtracting one the titration is complete. Erlenmeyer flask comes in two different neck type which is narrow neck and wide neck with the following sizes:

Narrow Neck Wide Neck
Flask 50ml Flask 50ml
Flask 100ml Flask 100ml
Flask 250ml Flask 250ml
Flask 500ml Flask 500ml
Flask 1000ml Flask 1000ml
Flask 2000ml Flask 2000ml
Flask 3000ml
Flask 5000ml
  • An Erlenmeyer flask, also known as a conical flask or a titration flask, is a type of laboratory flask which features a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck.
  • Erlenmeyer flasks have wide bases, with sides that taper upward to a short vertical neck. They may be graduated, and often spots of ground glass or enamel are used where they can be labelled with a pencil. It differs from the beaker in its tapered body and narrow neck. Depending on the application, they may be constructed from glass or plastic, in a wide range of volumes.
  • The mouth of the Erlenmeyer flask may have a beaded lip that can be stopped or covered. Alternatively, the neck may be fitted with ground glass or other connector for use with more specialized stoppers or attachment to other apparatus. A Büchner flask is a common design modification used for filtration under vacuum.

Application of Erlenmeyer flask

  • The slanted sides and narrow neck of this flask allow the contents of the flask to be mixed by swirling, without risk of spillage, making them suitable for titrations by placing it under the burette and adding solvent and the indicator in Erlenmeyer flask. 
  • Such features similarly make the flask suitable for boiling liquids. Hot vapor condenses on the upper section of the Erlenmeyer flask, reducing solvent loss. Erlenmeyer flasks’ narrow necks can also support filter funnels.
  • The final two attributes of Erlenmeyer flasks make them especially appropriate for recrystallization. The sample to be purified is heated to a boil, and sufficient solvent is added for complete dissolution. 
  • The receiving flask is filled with a small amount of solvent, and heated to a boil. The hot solution is filtered through a fluted filter paper into the receiving flask. Hot vapours from the boiling solvent keep the filter funnel warm, avoiding the premature crystallization.
  • Like beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks are not normally suitable for accurate volumetric measurements. 
Neck Size

Narrow, Wide


Erlenmeyer Flask 25ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 50ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 100ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 250ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 500ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 1000ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 2000ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 3000ml, Erlenmeyer Flask 5000ml

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