Brix Refractometer

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Brix Refractometer 0-32%

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Brix Refractometer – The optical Refractometer from RLS measures sugar content in liquids, such as wine, beer, fruit juices, soft drinks, milk, colostrum, and yeast cultures. It can be used in the lab or in the field, simply by putting a few drops of liquid onto the prism and reading the scale under ambient light. The BRIX Refractometer features a 0-32% scale, focusing eyepiece, automatic temperature compensation, and comes in a hard carry case.

Measuring the quality of equine and bovine colostrum is easy, with BRIX scores of 22% or higher representing good quality in colostrum. 18-21% readings represent colostrum that can be used for second feedings, and scores below 17% will need to be supplemented.

  • 0-32% scale
  • Automatic temperature compensation allows for immediate results

Measures sugar content in liquids

  • A brix refractometer is an instrument that is widely used to measure the sugar content of sample using refraction. They are mostly or widely used in the food and beverage industries.
  • It uses the principle that the higher the amount of the dissolved or suspended sugar, mostly sugar within the sample, the higher the refractive index will be. Brix percentage is the percentage of sucrose present in the sample that correlates directly to the refractive index. Several feature that are more important for choosing a suitable Brix refractometer.
  • Automatic temperature compensation -which results in quick and accurate results. Without it you need to wait for both your sample and your meter to reach 20 degrees Celsius to obtain an accurate reading.
  • Measurement range – plays an important in selecting suitable Brix refractometer because they are designed for specific applications or a wide range on application.
  • Accuracy- where Brix is vital to your product quality control, you will need a highly accurate meter.
  • They have a wide range, with Brix Measurement range from 0.0 to 98% and measurement  

Brix Refractometer 0-32%

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