Centrifuge (clinical)

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Centrifuge (clinical) – available for various fields such as student, veterinary, chemistry, biology, medical or general research and development from Reflecta Laboratories. We offer centrifuges that are user-friendly, efficient in design, durable and reliable for a variety of uses.

It is of utmost importance to consider your applications specific requirements in order to find the appropriate centrifuge with the correct technical specifications. Please consider the appropriate speed (rpm), g-force or relative centrifugal force (RCF) as well as your quantity and volume of the tubes that require spinning.


  • Advanced Clinical Centrifuge with Timer
  • Max 5000rpm
  • Fixed Rotor
  • LCD Display
  • Two Programable Programs P1/P2
  • Max volume 6 x 15ml/10ml/7ml OR 6 x 1.5-5ml tubes using Included Adapters
  • Automatic/Electric Door Interlock.


  • Plastic Rotor, Max: 5000rpm, 6 x 15ml
  • Rotor Adapter 15 ml to 5ml (13 x 75mm), Blood Collection Tubes, 6pcs
  • Rotor Adapter 15ml to 1.5/2ml Cryogenic Vials / Centrifuge Tube, 6pcs



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