Filter Paper Class 2

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Filter Paper Grade 2

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Filter paper Grade 2 is a specific type that is used for. These filter papers contain cellulose fibers, and people manufacture them from high quality cotton linters (First, we have to treat them in order to increase the amount of alpha cellulose. Therefore, filter paper contains a high percentage of alpha cellulose and that is an advantage for high quality and consistency. There are different grades of these filter papers. We can divide them into grades according to the particle retention, thickness, and weight.

There is a difference between FilterLab Grade 2 and a normal filter paper, FilterLab is a specific type of filter paper that is used for qualitative analysis. We can use it for qualitative chemical analysis. More importantly, the ash content of these filter papers is about 0.13%. Normal filter paper is a semi-permeable barrier that we use to separate components in a liquid flow or an air flow. We can use them for both qualitative (qualitative means ash that can produce after ashing is not more than 0.13%.) and quantitative (in the quantitative chemical analysis. The amount of ash this can produce after ashing process is not more than 0.0009% therefore, we can consider it as an ashless filter paper and we can ignore the amount of ash it produces in an analysis).

During chemical analysis a proper class of filter paper has to be selected according to the purpose or application. In addition, the ash content of these filter papers ranges from 0.0009% (quantitative) to 0.13% (qualitative). filter paper has a pore size of 20 to 25 micron particle  size retention and they come in different class namely: class1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 40 ashless, class 41 ashless.

FilterLab papers are widely used in mining industries, analytical quality control laboratories routinely testing the content of different metals in ore samples. Sample preparation is an imperative factor in obtaining consistent results therefore, the use of high-quality, filter paper is expected to improve the accuracy of these metal content tests. FilterLab quantitative is made from pure cotton and treated to wash away most of the impurities. FilterLab quantitative paper is useful for gravimetric analysis and the preparation of samples for instrumental analysis. Compared with other papers, FilterLab quantitative ashless gives high loading capacity and particle retention, both of which are useful for the analysis of metals like Zinc, Lead and Molybdenum and other substances in ore samples. We supply and deliver in all surrounding areas in Johannesburg (Pretoria, Vereeniging, East rand, South rand and West rand) and around all South Africa by use of courier.

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Filter Paper Class 2 55mm, Filter Paper Class 2 70mm, Filter Paper Class 2 110mm, Filter Paper Class 2 125mm, Filter Paper Class 2 150mm

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