Glass Measuring Cylinder

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Measuring Cylinders, Spouted, A Grade

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Glass Measuring Cylinder

  • Hexagonal Base
  • The calibration on each of these cylinders is done on a computer-controlled machine for complete accuracy
  • They are calibrated to contain (TC, In) in accordance to ISO 4788 Standard
  • Each cylinder is sold with an ISO Registered Batch Certificate

A measuring cylinder is a graduated relatively narrow glass cylinder with a round base or a hexagonal base, spouted, manufactured from a 3.3 borosilicate that is highly chemical resistance, normally used for measuring volume of a liquid. The strong material used to manufacture the glass measuring cylinder is suitable enough to prevent cracking and breakage.

Measurement. The graduations on our measuring cylinder make it simple to take any measurement by the use of meniscus at the eye level.

How to fill a glass measuring cylinder:

  • Make sure the cylinder is clean and completely dry
  • Carefully transfer the liquid you wish to measure in a steady motion do not splash and you can use a pipette, burette or any other instrument suitable to use In the laboratory to transfer liquid or solvents.
  • Once the calibration line is reached, stop filling the liquid
  • If the is excess liquid, draw it out by the use of a pipette if the calibration line is exceeded and while removing the excess liquid, make sure that the surface tension in the pipette tip is sufficient.
  • Immediately cover the mouth of the glass cylinder to avoid any contamination and to prevent evaporation if the liquid is volatile.

When emptying the glass measuring cylinder follow the below protocol:

  • Slowly turn the glass measuring cylinder sidewise  to pour out the liquid gradually out of the spout to create a steady stream flow, do not splash to prevent liquid lose.
  • Keep the cylinder in a vertical position for at least a half a minute.
  • To completely empty the cylinder, touch the spout tip against the wall of the receiving container to transfer all the liquid
  • Once all the liquid is complete, do not remove the cylinder vertically.

measuring cylinder sizes:

measuring cylinder 5ml

measuring cylinder 10ml

measuring cylinder 25ml

measuring cylinder 50ml

measuring cylinder 100ml

measuring cylinder 250ml

measuring cylinder 500ml

measuring cylinder 1000ml

measuring cylinder 2000ml


10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml

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