Haematocrit Centrifuge

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Haematocrit Centrifuge – available for various fields such as student, veterinary, chemistry, biology, medical or general research and development from Reflecta Laboratories. We offer centrifuges that are user-friendly, efficient in design, durable and reliable for a variety of uses.

​It is of utmost importance to consider your applications specific requirements in order to find the appropriate centrifuge with the correct technical specifications. Please consider the appropriate speed (rpm), g-force or relative centrifugal force (RCF) as well as your quantity and volume of the tubes that require spinning.


  • Haematocrit Centrifuge with Timer
  • Max: Hematocrit 12000rpm
  • LCD Display
  • Max volume 24 x Capillary Tubes
  • Includes Hematocrit Rotor
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