Hypodermic Needles

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Hypodermic Needles Single-use, disposable stainless steel suitable for injecting or taking medicine liquid for injection of intradermal, subcutaneous, muscle and vein.


  • Standard bevel.
  • Packaged sterile.
  • Ideal for injecting solutions subcutaneously.
  • Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic.
  • Latex-free, hypo-allergenic.
  • Needle hub is color-coded by difference sizes for accurate and quick identification.

Order information

  • Available in sizes: 18G x 38mm, 19G x 38mm, 20G x 25mm, 20G x 38mm, 21G x 25mm, 21G x 38mm, 22G x 32mm, 22G x 38mm, 23G x 25mm.
  • Individually Packed, 100 per Box.
  • Price Per 100 Units

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15G x 38mm Hypodermic Needles, 18G x 38mm Hypodermic Needles, 19G x 38mm Hypodermic Needles, 20G x 25mm Hypodermic Needles, 20G x 38mm Hypodermic Needles, 21G x 25mm Hypodermic Needles, 21G x 38mm Hypodermic Needles, 22G x 32mm Hypodermic Needles, Needles 22G x 38mm Hypodermic Needles, 23G x 25mm Hypodermic Needles

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