Throat Swabs

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A throat swab used to test and identify germs and bacteria in the nose and or throat. Throat swabs have a wooden shaft and are available in packets of 250 per packet.

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Throat swabs are wooden shaft or plastic shaft sticks used in the throat swab culture which is the test to determine if the is a bacteria which can take about one to two days to get results or fungal infection which can take about seven days in the throat used in the microbiological laboratories. Throat can be referred as epiglottis, tonsils trachea and esophagus. During the test you may feel a little bit uncomfortable as you will feel like you need to gag but only for few seconds and it is very important for a person to be tested to stand as the professional swabs the throat as to make sure he or she takes the sample accurately since it can happen that he miss other germs that can result in the patient not getting the correct diagnosis as the result will not be as accurate as it should be.

One of the main applications of throat swabs is forensic where DNA evidence in a crime scene has to be determined like blood samples, hair and skin fragments. In the medical industry as well where doctors use throat swabs in testing mouth STD (sores in the mouth, red throat which makes it difficult to swallow anything, fever blister and even tonsillitis. Influenza can be tested by the use of throat swabs as well.


Make sure the room has enough light, you have to stand in front of your patient and place the patient in a comfortable position with mouth directly under the light source, make sure the swab does not touch any surface other than the one you intend to take the sample from.

Uncover the tube of the swab by side opening it, hold the swab in a firm position with your hand and do not touch any other surface before taking the sample.

Ask your patient to open the mouth as wide as possible in order to expose the tonsil arear for a good sample.

Supress the tongue with a tongue a tongue blade, careful not to touch sides of the mouth or tongue

Take the sample by carefully rubbing the swab directly to the tonsil firm and remove the swab from the mouth without couching any surface area.

We deliver throat swabs in all surrounding areas in Johannesburg, East rand, West rand, South rand, Pretoria, Vereeniging and other places around South Africa by means of courier shipping.

They come in the pack of 250 units and delivery can take up to 2-3 business days.

Throat Swabs

Throats Swabs Wooden Shaft 250pk

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