Wash Bottle

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Wash Bottle

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Wash Bottle – is a squeeze bottle with a nozzle, used to rinse various pieces of laboratory glassware, such as watch glasses, test tubes and round bottom flasks.

Wash bottles are sealed with a screw-top lid. 

When hand pressure is applied to the bottle, the liquid inside becomes pressurized and is forced out of the nozzle into a narrow stream of liquid.

Different types of wash bottles are suitable with different types of substances.

A spiral gas-lift wash bottle, for example, is suitable for eliminating gas with the liquid system having two phases like bromide and water. In addition, a Simple graduated wash bottle helps determine the amount of liquid used. 

Most bottles contain an internal dip tube allowing upright use.

Wash bottles may be filled with a range of common laboratory solvents and reagents, according to the work to be undertaken. 

These include deionized water, detergent solutions and rinse solvents such as acetone, isopropanol or ethanol. In biological labs it is common to keep sodium hypochlorite solution in a wash bottle to disinfect unneeded cultures.

Spec and Material

Comes in different sizes: 250ml and 500ml

Most wash bottles are made up of polyethylene, which is a flexible solvent-resistant petroleum-based plastic. 

Wash bottle colour coding

There are a consistent set of colour codes and markings used to identify the contents of wash bottles.

Safety warning labels are also used to identify potential hazards. Where reagents with high vapour pressure are used such as ethanol or methanol, small pressure release holes are incorporated into the cap to release and excess vapour pressure and avoid material being ejected through the nozzle when not in use.

  • Red is used for acetone
  • White for ethanol or sodium hypochlorite
  • Green for Methanol,
  • Yellow for isopropanol and 
  • Blue for distilled water

.Uses of wash bottle

  • Wash bottle helps scientists control and measure the precise amount of liquid used. 
  • In addition, unwanted substances or particles cannot pass through wash bottles.
  • Wash bottles is more convenient than using beaker and graduated cylinders, easy to handle.

Wash Bottle 250ml, Wash Bottle 500ml, Wash Bottle 1000ml

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