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MIF Weighing Scales

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Weighing Scale include features- lightweight and portable durable mental case housing with clear poly carbonate dial cover- supplied with top and bottom hook -zero adjustment  facility -external calibration -full range tare large easy to read dial display precision load cell technology -simple user friendly operation applications weighing

– Lightweight and portable
– Durable metal case housing with
clear polycarbonate dial cover
– Supplied with top and bottom hook
– Zero adjustment facility
– External calibration

Weighing scale from Adam can be used in different industries for a broad range of applications. Predominantly bench scales are small enough to fit on most work stations including counters, and tables. They are specifically designed to be placed on a table or counter during weighing, even other possible workstation you can think of. There are also floor weighing scales that provide a wide range of weighing making it accessible for wide range of companies for wide range of applications. Most of them they are used in the retail for weighing goods for commercial purposes, having an easy-to-read backlit display that is visible to both the user and the customer. We have fast efficient weighing to ensure that customer get what they paid for. Most of them they have a rechargeable battery, ensuring that weighing can we done anywhere even under unfavorable conditions (shortage of electricity).

The pan used in these scales are easy to clean making sure that you can work efficiently, with lesser effort especially for retail scales for food applications where frequent and thorough washing is required for hygiene purposes.

Portable compact precision balance is one of the weighing balances which are the right choice for labs, classrooms field settings or manufacturing operations. Lightweight and easy to operate, they are powered by AC adapter or battery, allowing use in the field or at remote testing locations where electricity is unavailable.

Ideal for use in a variety of settings, portable compact balances offer the features and functions needed for many different applications. They are well-suited for performing basic mass measurement in general science lessons, chemistry labs and physics classrooms – models with a special stackable design are the solution for labs or classrooms with limited space. These balances and scales can perform quality control tasks and measurement for packaging and filling in small manufacturing facilities or food processing plants. Digital balances are constructed of durable materials, so spills can be cleaned up quickly and easily. They come in different models:

  • Models
  • CB Compact Balance: Capacity = 500g to 3000g and readability = 0.1g to 1g
  • CWPplus Bench and Floor Scale: Capacity = 6Kg to 300Kg and readability = 0.002Kg to 0.1Kg
  • Dune Portable Balances: Capacity = 2000g to 5000g and readability = 0.1g to 2g
  • Highland Portable Precision Balances: Capacity = 120g and readability = 0.1
Weighing Scale Range

Weighing Scale MIF-25 25kg x 100g, Weighing Scale MIF -50 50kg x 200g, Weighing Scale MIF 100 100x 500g, Weighing Scale MIF 200 200kg x 1kg

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