Micro Pipettes

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Micro Pipettes

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Micro pipettes are utilized in the laboratory to transfer small quantities of liquid, usually down to 0.1 uL. They are most commonly used in chemistry, biology, forensic, pharmaceutical, and drug discovery labs, among others.

Pipettes and micro pipettes are used to measure and deliver accurate volumes of liquid. The difference between the two is that micropipettes measure a much smaller volume, starting at 1 microliter, while pipettes generally start at 1 milliliter. These come in several designs for various purposes with different levels of accuracy and precision. One must be careful to have the right technique when manually dispensing liquid. Pipettes can be filled by hand using a bulb that is squeezed and then released to suck liquid to the desired volume as the user watches and stops at the correct measurement. It can be filled using an air-driven system that creates a vacuum to bring in an exact amount of a liquid that has been chosen and preset by the user.  These instruments can have one or several tips that all measure at the same time. Pipettes and micropipettes are used in various laboratories, including, microbiology, environmental science, academic, research and medical laboratories. Micropipettes are frequently used in inspection and analysis processes at food and pharmaceutical companies. Regardless of the type of pipette, care and attention is needed. Irrespective of what make or brand a pipette is, all manufacturers recommend checking the calibrate plus minus every 6 months if it used on a regular basis. In the pharmaceutical and food industry companies are required to calibrate their pipettes every 3 months. To prevent damage hold them at a distance from the bottom of the container before drawing liquid. These instruments require cleaning after every use to prevent contamination from any previous contents.  Always remember to remove the tip before storing. To avoid breakage, make sure pipette is placed vertically on the special holder called a pipette stand. These very delegate instruments require to be handled with care and caution. Therefore, make sure they are always stored correctly.

Volume Range

Micro Pipette Volume Range: 0.5-10μl, Micro Pipette Volume Range: 2-20μl, Micro Pipette Volume Range: 5-50μl, Micro Pipette Volume Range: 10-100μl, Micro Pipette Volume Range: 20-200μl, Micro Pipette Volume Range: 100-1000μl, Micro Pipette Volume Range: 1000-5000μl

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