PCR Strips and Caps – 0.2ml 8 Strip with flat cap 125pk size

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PCR grade products are made from virgin materials, sterile, human DNA and Pyrogen free.

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PCR strips and caps allow scientists working with cyclers and enzymes to gain enhanced PCR yield through a faster transmission of heat from block to the reaction.

PCR strips and caps grade products are made from virgin materials, sterile, RNAse, DNAse, human DNA and Pyrogen free.

PCR which be defined as Polymerise Chain Reaction (which is a technique to produce many copies of a specific DNA region on a tube) comes in a format of strips, they are sterile with a capacity 0.2 ml, thin walled (this thickness is about 0.25mm that enables heat transfer during thermocycling reaction) this tubes are made form polypropylene material and  has a metric of 0.2 ml with an advantage to be used in the autoclave. Designed with flat caps that closes securely to prevent any sample lose during the process and the strips can be cut to individual tubes as desired by user. PCR strip tubes are widely used in research and practical applications such as DNA cloning, medical diagnostic and forensic analysis of DNA.

The principle of PCR is based on the use of DNA polymerase which is the in tube replication of specific DNA sequences and the method can produce billions of copies of target DNA. There are various components needed for PCR involves a DNA sample, DNA polymerase and free nucleotides called ddNTPs which normally takes place in the microbiological laboratory.

When performing PCR, DNA template that contains the target is added to a tube with primers, enzyme called DNA polymerase and free nucleotides, the mixture is placed in a PCR machine.

PCR strip tubes can be delivered in all surrounding areas in Johannesburg, East rand, West rand, South rand, Pretoria, Vereeniging and other places around South Africa by means of courier shipping.

They come in the pack of 500 units and delivery can take up to 2-3 business days.

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