Plastic Volumetric Flask

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Plastic Volumetric flask

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  • Plastic volumetric flask is used for measuring accurate volumes of liquid materials for laboratory experiments. 
  • They are favoured when available because they are more accurate than graduated cylinders and beakers, which are other pieces of equipment that are used to measure liquids
  • Plastic volumetric flask is a laboratory plasticware used to measure volume of a liquid with the break resistance of plastic Leakproof No meniscus to confuse readings Gravimetrically calibrated individually at 20°C, then marked with a permanent colour graduation line 20°C form a polypropylene material.
  • Can handle a maximum temperature of 120°C when heated
  • Plastic volumetric flasks are an excellent break-resistant alternative to glass

Sterilization of plastic volumetric flask

  • Prior to autoclaving plastic labware, ensure that no residual contamination remains on the item. 
  • Otherwise, the residual contamination will bake on solidly during the autoclaving process. Even substances that have no effect on the plastic at room temperature can have negative effects on the plastic during the autoclaving process, including persistent clouding. 
  • Additionally, microorganisms might not be killed effectively if they are protected by the residual contamination.
  • Containers with screw tops or stoppers must be open during autoclaving to allow for pressure equalization – Autoclaving of a closed container will lead to the deformation or destruction of the container.
  • Plastic labware should be stood upright on a level surface during autoclaving to avoid shape deformation – Plastic labware should NOT be laid on its side during autoclaving.
  • No mechanical stresses should be present during autoclaving – For example, do not stack items.
  • Do not autoclave any container that contains residual contamination or even rinsing agent.
  • Some transparent plastics can absorb minute quantities of steam, which can lead to reversible clouding. This clouding disappears upon drying.


  • Volumetric flasks are calibrated with great accuracy, for the purpose of preparing dilutions and solutions of a precise volume.

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