Serological Pipette

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Serological Pipette

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Serological pipette is frequently used in the laboratory for transferring  milliliter volumes of liquid from less than 1 ml up to 50 ml. the pipette can be sterile plastic and disposable. both kinds of pipettes  use a pipette -aid for the aspiration and dispensation of liquids different sizes of pipette can be used with same pipette-aid a variety of experimental essays


  • Serological pipette is a laboratory instrument that transfers liquids measured in volume by ml. Most have graduations on the side for measuring the liquid being dispensed or aspirated. 
  • The calibrated pipettes deliver volumes that range from 0.1 ml to 25 ml.

When to use Serological pipette

  • Serological pipettes are temperature calibrated laboratory tools that are the ideal choice for laboratories that need to transfer large amounts of liquid (1 mL to 50 mL).
  • The serological pipette is a nearly ubiquitous laboratory instrument used for transferring millilitre volumes of liquid. 
  • Serological pipettes typically have gradations along their sides for measuring the amount of liquid being aspirated or dispensed.
  • These pipettes are manufactured from a single piece of polystyrene plastic, which eliminates the weld point that are commonly found in other brands of pipettes. 
  • Serological pipettes utilize an aerosol barrier plug that prevents both fluid and liquid vapours from contaminating the pipettor and sample.
  • Unlike cotton plugs, the aerosol barrier filter, made from bonded polyolefin fibre provides better protection and reduces the chance of over pipetting and the potential contamination of the pipetting device.
  • Serological pipettes are shorter than most other serological pipette brands. The short, compact reservoir design of these pipettes makes them easier to handle and move throughout the laboratory. You will notice the improved comfort while working in tight spaces and under lab hoods for extended periods of time.
  • The specially designed tip is able to accommodate more viscous liquids. The inside diameter of the serological pipette ranges from 1.56mm for the 1 mL up to 4.50mm for the 25 mL pipette. See the table below for more inside dimeters
  • Serological pipette has printed black graduations which prevent ambiguity while measuring the amount of liquid being aspirated or dispensed. This feature guarantees precise readings with less than 2% inaccuracy at full volume. 

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