Multi Channel Pipette

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Multi-channel pipette

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Multi channel pipette – These are designed in accordance with the latest ergonomic principles. The pipette is extremely easy to use and has minimal operating forces to help prevent hand fatigue. Eins Sci multi-channel pipettes provide accurate and precise pipetting in a variety of volume ranges.


  • Multi channel pipettes take the magic of accurately transferring small amounts of liquids and multiply it in many folds into a single device with multiple heads, usually 8 or 12
  • Thumb-tip volume selection: Set and secure the volume without shifting your hand position.
  • Short pipetting stroke: Shortest range of pipetting motion among premium pipettes reduces risk of repetitive strain injury.
  • Fully autoclavable at 121°C: Repeatedly autoclavable without disassembly or recalibration.
  • Light weight and rugged: Made with precision advanced materials for chemical resistance, dimensional stability and light weight.
  • Full pipetting range: Adjustable and fixed-volume single channel pipettes from 0.1μL to 10mL; multi-channels from 0.5μL to 300μL.
  • Rotatable Dispensing Head
  • Ideal for 96-well Plates 
  • Easily Ledgible Volume Indicator 

How to use multi channel pipette
– Multi channel pipettes are a type of adjustable micropipette that deliver a measured volume
of liquid; depending on size, it could be between about 0.1 µl to 1000 µl (1 ml). These
pipettes require disposable tips that come in contact with the fluid.
– These pipettes operate by piston-driven air displacement. A vacuum is generated by the
vertical travel of a metal or ceramic piston within an airtight sleeve.
– As the piston moves upward, driven by the depression of the plunger, a vacuum is created in
the space left vacant by the piston.
– The liquid around the tip moves into this vacuum (along with the air in the tip) and can then
be transported and released as necessary.
– These pipettes are capable of being very precise and accurate. However, since they rely on
air displacement, they are subject to inaccuracies caused by the changing environment,
particularly temperature and user technique. For these reasons this equipment must be
carefully maintained and calibrated, and users must be trained to exercise correct and
consistent technique.

Multi-channel Pipettes -Eight channel volume range

Multi Channel pipette - 8 channel pipette

  • Volume Range: 0.5-10μl Increment: 0.1μl
  • Volume Range: 5-50μl, Increment: 0.5μl
  • Volume Range: 50-300μl, Increment: 5μl

Multi-channel Pipettes – Twelve Channel Mechanical Adjustable Pipette

Multi Channel pipette - 12 channel pipette

  • Volume Range: 0.5-10μl, Increment: 0.1μl
  • Volume Range: 5-50μl, Increment: 0.5μl
  • Volume Range: 50-300μl, Increment: 5μl

Volume Range: 0.5-10μl, Volume Range: 5-50μl, Volume Range: 50-

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