Centrifuge Tubes

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Centrifuge Tubes

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Centrifuge tubes cover the everyday needs for sample storage and centrifugation in a lab. Made of high quality, clear polypropylene (PP), Capp tubes for centrifuge are also autoclavable. The recommended sterilization procedure for RLS autoclavable centrifuge tubes is 20 minutes at 121°C. RLS tubes for centrifuge are available in 2 volumes: 15 mL and 50 mL. The 50 mL version of RLS sterile centrifuge tubes is additionally available as skirted (self-standing) and non-skirted tube. RLS autoclavable centrifuge tubes have visible graduation marks and can withstand up to 16.000 RCF


Centrifuge Tube 50ml Conical Bottom 50/Pk, Centrifuge Tube Self Standing 50ml 50/Pk, Centrifuge Tube Conical bottom 15ml 1000/Pk, Centrifuge Tube Rack for 15 or 50ml tubes, Centrifuge Eppendorf Tube 2ml Conical Bottom, Centrifuge Eppendorf Tube 1.5ml (Microtube) Conical Bottom, Centrifuge Tube Rack 81place for 1.5ml centrifuge tube


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