4 Prong Clamp

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4 Prong Clamp features solid Zinc die cast construction. High grade, nontoxic. powder coating. Non-ferrous, rust free & long-lasting use for any lab application

4 PRONG, RUBBER LINED || Clamp accepts apparatus measuring up to 8.5 cm Thread fitted actuating joints.Rubber lined prongs provide a cushioned, slip resistant hold

STAINLESS STEEL CONNECTING ROD Clamp is attached to a stainless-steel connecting rod measuring 5.5″ in length and 10mm diameter

Perfect for professional laboratories, classrooms & household. Designed for use in professional laboratories but is an ideal choice for science classrooms and household use

Ideal uses for beakers, Conical flasks, test-tubes, boiling flasks, burettes. For securing the clamp to a frame or other apparatus an additional holder sold separately will be needed. Please see our Boss Heads The screw adjustment allows for precise pressure when gripping glass objects to avoid potential breakage. The round extension arm allows the clamp to be rotated 360 degrees as well as vary the distance from the support apparatus. Due to the cork lining it is not recommended that the prongs of the clamp are placed in direct heat.

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