Weighing Dishes

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Weighing Dishes White Square & Diamond


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Weighing Dishes – These square weighing dishes are manufactured from virgin polyethylene and feature an extra smooth surf and rounded corners to provide easy removal of samples. These weigh boats are safe, economical containers for weighing liquid or powdered samples in the laboratory.


  • A pouring spout can be formed by squeezing
  • Shape ensures its flexibility on a balance platform
  • Smooth surface and rounded corners make powdered or granular samples easy to remove
  • Produced from a special grade of polystyrene and will resist diluted acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases.
  • Safe, contaminant-free, biologically inert, economical containers which are specially made for many applications such as weighing, dispensing or storing.


  • Material Polystyrene
  • Type Weighing Dish
  • Disposable Disposable
  • Shape Square


  • Perfect for staining 
  •  de-staining electrophoresis mini-gels

Types of weighing dishes

  1. Pour-Boat Weighing Dishes

Pour spout design easily dispenses samples without flexing the dish. Dishes are made from 12 mm thick polystyrene for better strength, stability, and handling. Flat-bottom dishes are biologically inert and resistant to dilute and weak acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols, and bases. Resist temperatures up to 158°F (70°C). Packs of 500

  1. Standard Weigh Boats

These standard Weigh Boats are made from polystyrene, allowing them to be flexible and provide minimal sample loss. The weigh Boats have a shallow shape with a wide, flat bottom to resist tipping, while the rounded corners simplify transfer. The smooth surface allows for precise poor-outs that reduce sample loss.

  1. Aluminum Weighing Dish

The aluminum weighing dish is ideal for general-purpose weighing and dispensing. The dish is designed for moisture determination balances. It may also be used as an evaporating dish or dust cover.



Weigh Boat White Square 44x44mm (7ml), Weigh Boat White Diamond 85x65mm (30ml), Weigh Boat White Square 80x80mm (100ml), Weigh Boat White Diamond 125x100mm (100ml), Weigh Boat White Square 140x140mm (250ml)

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