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Safety Glasses

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Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles and Face Shields.  Good laboratory safety practice is necessary for the efficient and productive functioning of any lab

Safety glasses are glasses used to protect the eyes as they form part of personal protective equipment. They are also called goggles or spectacles, glasses are normally made from clear – ant scratch polycarbonate that gives the greatest impact level as the impact levels differs with codes:

when a safety glass is written z87 it means the glasses have been tested for regular impact where as z87+ means the safety glasses have been tested for high impact. D3: means the glasses have been tested for chemical droplet and D4: glasses have been tested for full splash.

Glasses can be changed over a period of 6 weeks or 6 months depending on its condition.


Cleaning  glasses

*You can light blow glasses from your lenses[

*Rinse glasses with cool water

*Spray glasses with cleaning solution from your work station

Examining glasses

*It is important to examine your safety glasses from time to time, by observing lenses any chips, scraps and even scratches in order to make sure they are not weak as this can affect your eye vision.

* Observe elasticity on the your head band if it has not become loose

Taking care of glasses

*Wash your glasses often like every day after using them under cold water, dry them with a soft cloth and blow them with air to remove any traces of dirt remaining.

* A lens cleaner is recommended to clean your safety glasses as it removes traces that water can not remove and soap is not to be used on cleaning glasses.

*Clean the side and earpiece of your lenses

*Always use a soft cloth on your glasses and avoid the hush craping brushes

*Avoid any house hold detergent to clean your  glasses with

*Replace damaged glasses as they can strain your eyes

*Use ant-fog to remove fog from the glasses

Our safety glasses are always in stock and we do deliveries around Johannesburg ( Germiston, Ranburg, Boksburg, Pretoria, Vereeniging on request.


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